Awakening the authentic ask


What does an authentic ask look like? Is it a fundraiser sitting on a rock meditating for abundance? (yes, laugh!) Is it a board member shaking the hand of his/her high-net worth friend saying, “Hey buddy, I'd love for you to invest in my 'charity'?”(eek) Is it a major gift check-list marked fully with moves that somehow signal readiness? Is it compelling story in the form of an appeal? Is it all of those things, or none? Is it NO ASK whatsoever?

Customized for specific audience, the “Awakening the Authentic Ask” workshops ignite dialogue around what “authenticity” means in the development field. By demystifying stories that contribute to discomfort and stigma around “asking,” we encourage participants to consider “authenticity” as the antidote. We introduces participants to what we call, “the holistic fundraising mindset,” and we demonstrate what’s possible when we lead from within, are present in donor meetings, talk about money with confidence and soul (yes soul!), express gratitude, and more.

Ultimately, these workshops call for a a new narrative around asking for money; we invite participants to humanize and uplift the ask as something that is sacred and essential, and we rewrite the “story of the ask” together to demonstrate the magic that happens when authenticity and philanthropy come together.

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